sophie tintori is a biologist and science filmmaker from brooklyn new york.
about-the-author interview from developmental cell

current position:

postdoctoral research fellow in matt rockman's lab
at new york university since 2019


2011-2017 phd at university of north carolina at chapel hill
in the labs of bob goldstein and jason lieb

2004-2009 bs in biology at brown university
thesis research in the lab of casey dunn

2000-2004 stuyvesant high school

(additional study)
maya dynamic effects at gnomon school of games, animation and visual effects (2017)
documentary production at duke university (2015)
embryology at woods hole marine biology lab (2013)
animation at the rhode island school of design (2008)


Differential Expression Gene Explorer (DrEdGE): a tool for generating interactive online visualizations of gene expression datasets.
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Perspectives: Turning the microscrope on power dynamics in the lab.
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A Transcriptional Lineage of Early C. elegans Development.
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Identifying Regulators of Morphogenesis Common to Vertebrate Neural Tube Closure and Caenorhabditis elegans Gastrulation.
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Evidence for extensive horizontal gene transfer from the draft genome of a tardigrade.
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Differential gene expression in the siphonophore Nanomia bijuga (Cnidaria) assessed with multiple next-generation sequencing workflows.
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VISIONS: the art of science.
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Mol Reprod Dev. 2010 May;77(5):385. doi: 10.1002/mrd.21176. pdf

profiled in:

Science, 2018
Spurred by sexual misconduct, grad student ‘zine’ documents efforts to improve department culture

The New York Times, 2013
Creatures, Strange and Complex, in Colorful Detail

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contact: sophia dot tintori at gmail